Purebred Dogs

Natural Rearing Dog Breeders Association’s Breeder Members

are: natural rearing dog breeders who have been feeding their dogs a raw, species appropriate diet for a minimum of three years and have eliminated the use of toxic chemicals in, on or around their dogs. Most have eliminated the use of vaccines, especially with their puppies – except where required by law. Our breeder members have been pre-qualified and have signed the NRBA’s  Natural Rearing Dog Breeder’s code of ethics.  To the best of our knowledge, they feed only an all raw meat, bone and organ diet, do not vaccinate except when required by law, do not use toxic chemicals in, on or around their dogs and most of them do health testing for genetic diseases specific to their breed.

While there are no guarantees in life and Natural Rearing does not guarantee anything; Natural Rearing does bring the promise of a longer lived, healthier dog.

Pure bred dog Breeders are listed below in alphabetical order by dog breed below and now that we have Members from around the world, the breeds will be listed under the country they are located in.  

International Breeders (Europe/UK,etc.) are listed at the very bottom of the page.

Please Click Here if you are interested in an NR Mixed Breeds (Doodles, etc.)



United States and Canadian Pure Bred Breeders



Bobcat Terriers
Website: http://www.ohiobobcatkennel.com/
Email: rdenman@neo.rr.com



Sunapee Akitas
Website: http://www.sunapeeakitas.com
Email: sunapeedog@gmail.com


Australian Kelpies

Kynic Stock Dogs
Website: http://kynicbcs.wordpress.com
Email: kynicstockdogs@gmail.com



Australian Shepherds

Bonza Australian Shepherds
Website: http://www.bonzaaussies.com
Email: bonzaaussies@att.net

Crystal Canyon Australian Shepherds
Website: http://www.crystalcanyonaussies.com
Email: crystalaussie@gmail.com

Kyanite Acres
Website: http://www.kyaniteacres.com
Email: kristina.shaw@gmail.com

Oracle Australian Shepherds
Website: http://www.oracleaussies.com
Email: OracleAussies@gmail.com

Elsmere Australian Shepherds
Website: http://www.elsmereaustralianshepherds.com
Email: DrLaurieCoger@gmail.com


Miniature Australian Shepherds

The Mini Aussie Company
Website: http://www.theminiaussiecompany.com
Email: theminiaussiecompany@gmail.com


Toy Australian Shepherds

Naturally Reared Toy Aussies
Website: http://naturalrearedtoyaussies.com
Email: jewel@youronlineself.com




Nanrox Kennels

Email: nanrox@hotmail.com




Belgian Tervuren

Shadanatam Belgian Shepherd Dogs
Website: http://shadanatambelgians.tripod.com
Email: dana.wolf@hotmail.com



Bernese Mountain Dogs


Tenacity Bernese Mountain Dogs
Website: https://www.tenacitybmd.com
Email: tenacitybmd@gmail.com


Tollhaus Kennel
Email: ueliparent@comcast.net



Bichon Frise

Bichon Lovers
Website: http://bichonlovers.com/
Email: bichonlovers@sympatico.ca




Imperial Biewers
Website: http://imperialbiewer.com
Email: lmorffiz@msn.com



Joyful Bolognese
Website: http://joyfulbolognese.com/
Email: susan@joyfulbolognese.com


Border Collies

Website: https://ashleygertonson.wixsite.com/borderflies
Email: ashleygertonson@gmail.com

Kynic Stock Dogs
Website: http://kynicbcs.wordpress.com
Email: kynicstockdogs@gmail.com



Border Terriers

Boldwind Border Terriers
Website:  http://www.boldwindbt.com/
Email: boldwindbt@gmail.com


Boston Terriers

Tre Run Boston Terriers
No Website
Email: laurenn68@comcast.net




Gentry Boxers
Website: http://www.gentryboxers.com
Email: paula@gentryboxers.com

J Gonzo Boxers
Website: https://jgonzoboxers.love




eMac Bulldogs
Website: http://www.rottnbully.com
Email: emacbull@aol.com

Leavitt Bulldogs

True North Oldes
Website: https://truenortholdies.com
Email: melissa.truenortholdes@gmail.com




Andalusian Bullmastiffs
Website: http://www.pawsitesonline.com/a1.php?entryid=1673#.WuELWi-ZPdQ
Email: andbullmass@earthlink.net


Cane Corso

PrideNJoyz Cane Corso
Email: pridenjoyzcc@verizon.net



Faithful Guardian Caucasians
Website: https://www.faithfulguardiancaucasians.com/about-us.html
Email: faithfulguardiancaucasians@gmail.com



Carolina Dogs

Nature’s Way Carolina Dogs
Website: http://mycarolinadog.com



Cat’s Cradle Catahoulas
Website: http://www.catscradlecatahoulas.com/
Email: mailto:langevin@bconnex.net



MicMac’s Chihuahuas
Website: www.facebook.com/mmnrchi
Email: pamzora@uninets.net



Clumber Spaniels

Golden Heart Kennel
Website: http://www.goldenheartclumberspaniels.com/
Email: GOLDENHEART1977@aol.com



Moore Collies
Website: http://www.moorecollies.com/
Email: aliciaamoore@hotmail.com

Entais Collies
Website/Blog: http://entaiscollieshorsesart.typepad.com/collieshorsesartlove/

Symphony Kennels
Website/Blog: http://www.symphonykennels.com
Email: symphonykennnels@juno.com



Website: http://www.pendachs.com/
Email: admin@pendachs.com


Dogue de Bordeaux

Website: http://frankface.ca
Email: sheryl@frankface.ca


English Mastiffs

Tail Creek English Mastiffs

Website: http://www.tailcreekmastiffs.com
Email: info@tailcreekmastiffs.com




English Shepherds

Briar Hill English Shepherds
Website: http://englishshepherdspa.com
Email: info@englishshepherdspa.com

Highland Glenn English Shepherds
Website: http://www.highlandglennranch.com/english-shepherds
Email: twohunnyz@hotmail.com

Blackrock English Shepherds
Website: http://blackrockes.weebly.com/
Email: farmshep@hotmail.com



Braxena Eurasiers



French Bulldogs

Website: http://www.marvelbull.com




German Shepherd Dogs

Kriegshund German Shepherds
Website: http://www.kriegshundgsddr.com/home
Email: k9baron@gmail.com

Sapphire Shepherds
Website: http://www.sapphireshepherds.com/Default.aspx
Email: rm@sapphireshepherds.com

Vom Hause Weinbrand
Website: http://www.vomhausweinbrand.com/index.html
Email: gsd2727@aol.com

Von Mathausen German Shepherds
Website: http://www.mathausen.com/index.html
Email: vonmathausen@aol.com


Glen of Imaal Terriers

Parrsons Glen of Imaal Terriers
Website: http://www.pawsforglens.com/
Email: mfparry4@gmail.com



Golden Retrievers

Golden B Bear Kennels

Golden Paw Prints
Website: http://www.golden-pawprints.com/
Email: ewelk@yahoo.com

Pine Springs Golden Retrievers
Website: http://www.pinespringsgoldens.com
Email: gerilyn@canineuniversity.com

Kernow Goldens
Website: http://www.kernowgoldens.com/
Email: pam@kernowgoldens.com


Great Danes

Website: http://crystalhannah.com/home
Email: channah428@yahoo.com


Waccabuc Great Danes
No Longer Breeding but available as NR mentor
Email: pawsreflect@earthlink.net



Great Pyrenees

Better With Thyme Farm

Website: https://betterwiththyme.farm/livestock-guardian-dogs/how-we-raise-our-dogs/
Email: hello@betterwiththyme.farm




Highland Glenn Havanese
Website: https://twohunnyz.wixsite.com/hghavanese


 So Cute Havanese
Website: http://socutehavanese.com
Email: jichafamily@gmail.com


Way Out West Havanese
Website: http://www.wowhavanese.com
Email: yessitsmeagain@gmail.com


Havana Silk Dogs

Chocolate Silk Dogs
Website:  http://www.chocolatesilkdogs.com
Email: robin@chocolatesilkdogs.com




Hovawarts Vom Sonnenschein

Website: http://www.hovawarts.com/
Email: hovipups@aol.com


Ibizan Hounds

Website: http://crystalhannah.com/puppies
Email: channah428@yahoo.com


Irish Wolfhounds

Arahu Irish Wolf Hounds
Website:  http://www.arahu-iw.com
Email: sid@arau-iw.com

Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds
Website: https://www.castlekeepirishwolfhound.com/


Italian Greyhounds

Rhamah Italian Greyhounds
Website: http://www.rhamah.com
Email: mary@rhamah.com

Shaeden Italian Greyhounds
Website: http://www.thecontroversialcanine.com
Email: lephillips@rangeweb.net


Jack Russell Terriers


Exmoor Kennel
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/swymbridgepjrtenglish/home


Labrador Retrievers

Evenstar Labradors
Website: http://www.evenstarlabradors.com
Email: jhayhurst@sympatico.ca

Tarrah Labradors, Reg’d
Website: http://www.tarrahlabs.com
Email: tarrahlabs@gmail.com



Website:  http://www.seafeverlowchenandpwds.com/
Email: seafeverkennel@charter.net



Website:  http://www.malteezyu.com
Email:  tess@malteezyu.com




Website: http://www.bandamastiffs.ca
Email: bev.pat.molloy@sympatico.ca

Tailcreek Mastiffs
Website: http://www.tailcreekmastiffs.com
Email: info@tailcreekmastiffs.com


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers 

Port Star Tollers
Website: None
Email: portstartollers@gmail.com




Sherjak Papillons
Website: http://www.sherjak.com
Email: sherjak@gmail.com

Pulamimi Papillons
Website: None
Email: arbacelli115@gmail.com



Parson Russell/Jack Russell Terriers

Bobcat Terriers

Website: http://www.ohiobobcatkennel.com/jrt.html
Email: rdenman@neo.rr.com




Standard Poodles

Aurak Poodles

Brielle Poodles
Website: http://www.brielle.ca/poodles/poo_brielle.htm
Email: brielle@bellnet.ca

Genteel Standard Poodles
Website:  http://www.genteel_standard_poodles.com
Email: genteelstandardpoodles@gmail.com

Miniature Poodles

Aurak Poodles
E-Mail: aurakpoodles@hotmail.com

Danube Poodles
Website: http://www.danubepoodles.com/

Kallista Poodles
Website: Facebook Page
Email: kallistapoodles@hotmail.com



Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Africali Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Website: https://africalirhodesianridgebacks.com
Email: mmmuse@comcast.net


Castellana Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Website: https://crridgebacks.vistaprintdigital.com
Email: mjrefuge@gmail.com


High Noon Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Thenaturallyrearedrr/
Email: reviorks@gmail.com


Shetland Sheepdogs

Behaven Shelties
Website: https://behavenshelties.webs.com
Email: behaven1@telus.net


Sussex Spaniels

Remedi Sussex Spaniels
Website: http://www.remedisussexspaniels.org/
Email: naturalanimal@alltel.net


Tibetan Terriers

TriSong Tibetan Terriers

Website: http://www.trisongtibetans.com
Email: trisong.tibetans@gmail.com



Toy Manchester Terrier

Nanrox Kennels
Website: http://www.nanrox.com/
Email: nanrox@hotmail.com


Vizsla (Hungarian)

Vitali Vizlas
Website: http://www.vitalk9.ca//
Email: vitalk9@gmail.com


Fire Light Vizslas
Website: http://www.firelightvizslas.com/
Email: karenbff18@yahoo.com



West Highland White Terriers

Bonnie Brier
Website: http://bonniebrierwesties.com/
Email: BBrierNRWesties@sbcglobal.net


Welsh Springer Spaniel

Fireside Kennels
Website: http://www.welshspringers.com
Email: teri@welshspringers.com


Welsh Terriers

Website: http://http://www.abbeyrosewelshterriers.com/
Email: maryduafala@gmail.com



Tadita Whippets
Website: http://www.awhippetslife.com
Email: awhippetslife@yahoo.com


Website: http://www.lepus-sighthounds.com/
Email: lepusreg@gmail.com


No Longer Breeding but available as an NR Mentor
Email: pawsreflect@earthlink.net


Kisharo Whippets
Website: https://www.facebook.com/kisharowhippets/
Email: kisharo1@gmail.com



International Breeders


Kizatri Dachshunds (Miniature) Australia

Website: http://www.kizatridachshunds.com



Johmar Dobermanns (UK)
Website: https://www.johmardobermanns.co.uk
Email: clarebryan19@gmail.com



French Bulldogs

JaniceCool (UK)
Website: http://www.facebook.com/JanicecoolFrenchies
Email: Icecoolbullz@outlook.com



RasztraStar Puli (UK)
Email: agnesvabjak@hotmail.com
Website: http://rasztastarpuli.weebly.com/




Imhotep Salukis (Belgium)
Website: http://imhotep-salukis.com/index.html
Email: patricia.borstel@telenet.be


Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Miasian Blue Staffordsire Bull Terriers  (UK)

 Website: www.facebook.com/miasianblue
Email: ickle-Princess@yahoo.com/uk



If you are a natural rearing dog breeder, have been feeding a raw species appropriate diet for at least three years and not vaccinating your puppies we would love to have become a member, please fill out an application to Join Now

These members are in good standing with the NRBA, but under no circumstances does the NRBA guarantee the services or dogs of any said member(s) nor does it assume any responsibility or liability regarding any agreements you may enter in with any of the breeders listed.
Under no circumstances does the NRBA promote the sale of puppies through businesses or professionals such as pet shops, wholesalers, commercial dealers, or paid agents.
The NRBA does not and cannot guarantee or accept any responsibility or liability of any kind for the quality, health, or temperament of any dog; nor for the warranty, guarantee, integrity, honesty, reliability, expressed or implied, by any NRBA member who requested to be included on this list.

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