Do Bulldogs Drool a Lot?

Do bulldogs drool a lot?

Bulldogs are well-known for their excessive drooling. This is due to their physical jowl structure, which includes loose flaps of skin and lips that hang on either side of their mouth. Bulldogs have a flat face, known as brachycephaly, which contributes to their increased drooling. Additionally, Bulldogs have an underbite and loose upper lips, which allow saliva to easily exit their mouth. Hunger and overheating can also trigger increased drooling in Bulldogs. It’s important to note that while Bulldogs are prone to drooling, it is a natural occurrence and not something to be overly concerned about.

Key Takeaways:

  • Excessive drooling is common in Bulldogs due to their physical jowl structure.
  • Bulldogs have a flat face, underbite, and loose upper lips, which contribute to increased drooling.
  • Hunger, overheating, and stress can also trigger excessive drooling in Bulldogs.
  • While drooling is a natural occurrence, there are ways to manage and reduce it for your Bulldog’s comfort.
  • Regularly wiping your Bulldog’s jowls and providing a cool resting area can help minimize drooling.

Reasons for Excessive Drooling in Bulldogs

There are several reasons why Bulldogs may experience excessive drooling. First, their physical jowl structure, including their flat face and loose skin, contributes to the problem. Bulldogs also tend to drool more when they are hungry, as well as when they are overheated. Additionally, stress and anxiety can increase drooling in Bulldogs. It’s important to understand these factors and find ways to manage and reduce drooling in Bulldogs to ensure their comfort and health.

Managing Bulldog Drooling

While owning a Bulldog means dealing with their drooling, there are some effective tips that can help you manage and control excessive drooling. Here are some practical techniques:

1. Use a Mat Under Food and Water Bowls

Placing a mat underneath your Bulldog’s food and water bowls can collect saliva and make cleanup easier. This simple solution helps keep your floors clean and hygienic.

2. Keep Your Bulldog Hydrated

Ensuring that your Bulldog is adequately hydrated can help reduce excessive drooling caused by thirst. Provide fresh water throughout the day to keep them comfortable and minimize drooling.

3. Provide a Cool Resting Area

Bulldogs tend to drool more when they overheat. To combat this, create a cool resting area for your Bulldog by providing access to shade, a well-ventilated space, or even a cooling mat. This can help regulate their body temperature and reduce drooling caused by overheating.

4. Create a Safe and Calm Environment

Stress and anxiety can contribute to excessive drooling in Bulldogs. Creating a safe and calm environment for your Bulldog can help reduce their stress levels and minimize drooling. Establish a routine, provide a quiet space for them to retreat to, and offer positive reinforcement to promote a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Regularly Wipe Your Bulldog’s Jowls

To prevent skin problems caused by constant moisture, it’s important to regularly wipe your Bulldog’s jowls. Use a soft cloth or pet-safe wipes to gently clean the area, removing excess saliva and keeping their skin dry and healthy.

By implementing these simple tips, you can effectively manage and reduce excessive drooling in your English Bulldog. Remember, while you can’t completely stop your Bulldog from drooling, these techniques will help make living with a drooling Bulldog more manageable and comfortable.


Bulldogs are known for their tendency to drool excessively, primarily due to their unique physical jowl structure and other contributing factors, such as hunger, overheating, and stress. While it may initially be concerning to witness your Bulldog’s drooling, it is important to understand that it is a natural occurrence for this breed.

By gaining a better understanding of the various causes of excessive drooling in Bulldogs, you can implement practical strategies to manage and reduce it. Simple measures, such as placing a mat under their food and water bowls to collect saliva, can make cleanup more convenient. Ensuring your Bulldog remains hydrated and providing a cool resting area can help alleviate drooling caused by overheating.

Furthermore, creating a calm and stress-free environment for your Bulldog can go a long way in minimizing anxiety-related drooling. Regularly wiping their jowls can also help prevent potential skin problems resulting from prolonged moisture. By implementing these tips, you can make living with a drooling Bulldog more manageable without compromising their comfort and well-being.

Ultimately, remember that drooling is a normal part of owning a Bulldog. While it can be inconvenient at times, it should not be a cause for major concern. Embrace the unique traits of your Bulldog, including their adorable drooling, and cherish the unconditional love they bring to your life.

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