Where do Vizslas rank in intelligence?

Where do Vizslas rank in intelligence?

When it comes to determining the intelligence of dog breeds, Vizslas have secured a respectable ranking. According to Stanley Coren’s study on canine intelligence, Vizslas are placed at number 25 out of 199 different dog breeds. While they may not claim the title of the smartest dog breed overall, Vizslas are recognized as working dogs with above-average intelligence.

Vizslas have an impressive ability to learn new commands, typically requiring only 5 to 15 repetitions to grasp a new instruction. Moreover, they exhibit solid obedience, obeying known commands at least 85% of the time. These characteristics demonstrate their intelligence and willingness to please their owners.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vizslas are ranked 25th out of 199 dog breeds in terms of intelligence.
  • They are considered to be above-average working dogs.
  • Vizslas can learn new commands after 5-15 repetitions.
  • They obey known commands at least 85% of the time.

How are dog smarts determined?

Understanding a dog’s level of intelligence is no easy task. However, renowned researcher Stanley Coren conducted a comprehensive study to shed light on this intriguing subject. Coren surveyed 199 highly experienced canine obedience judges to determine the intelligence of various dog breeds.

The study focused on two key criteria: the number of times a command must be given until a dog learns it, and the dog’s ability to obey a known command and how quickly it does so. These criteria serve as indicators of a dog’s obedience and working intelligence, which ultimately determine how smart a dog is.

“The study conducted by Stanley Coren provides valuable insights into the intelligence of different dog breeds. By examining the number of repetitions required for a dog to learn a command and their obedience to known commands, we can better understand their overall intelligence.” – Canine Behavior Specialist

Coren’s study contributes significantly to the understanding of dog intelligence, proving that it is not solely measured by obedience alone. By considering these crucial criteria, we gain a more comprehensive picture of a dog’s overall intelligence and their cognitive capabilities.

How do Vizslas compare to other breeds?

Vizslas rank at #25 on the intelligence scale, which puts them in the second tier of intelligent breeds. Dogs in this tier are considered to be above-average working dogs with the ability to learn new commands after 5-15 repetitions and obey known commands at least 85% of the time. The top tier consists of the smartest working dogs that can learn new commands in under 5 repetitions and obey known commands 95% or more of the time.

Not just obedience and working intelligence

When considering a dog’s intelligence, it’s important to look beyond just obedience and working intelligence. Dogs possess various forms of intelligence that contribute to their overall capabilities. For Vizslas, their instincts and adaptability play a significant role in showcasing their intelligence.

Instinctive Intelligence: Vizslas, being a hunting breed, exhibit strong instinctive intelligence. This refers to their ability to perform tasks they were bred for, such as pointing and trailing. Their innate hunting abilities and natural instincts showcase their intelligence in their specialized field.

Adaptive Intelligence: Another aspect of dog intelligence is adaptive intelligence. This refers to a dog’s ability to learn on its own and problem-solve. Vizslas are known for their adaptability to different situations, which indicates their strong adaptive intelligence. They can quickly assess new environments or challenges and adjust their behavior accordingly.

By acknowledging the instinctive and adaptive intelligence of Vizslas, we gain a deeper understanding of their overall intelligence and capabilities. It’s clear that their intelligence extends beyond obedience and working tasks, making them versatile and adaptable companions.

How can I test my Vizsla’s smarts?

To assess your Vizsla’s intelligence, you can conduct a doggie IQ test. This test focuses on testing your Vizsla’s cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, reasoning, and learning capabilities. By setting up specific tasks and observing how your Vizsla completes them, you can gain insight into their intelligence level.

The doggie IQ test involves presenting your Vizsla with various challenges and evaluating their responses. These challenges can include puzzle toys, problem-solving games, or obedience tasks. By timing how quickly your Vizsla completes these tasks and observing their decision-making process, you can assess their intelligence and problem-solving abilities.

“The doggie IQ test allows you to understand your Vizsla’s cognitive strengths and areas for improvement. It’s an interactive way to engage with your dog and stimulate their mental abilities.”

During the doggie IQ test, observe how your Vizsla approaches each task. Are they able to quickly understand the objective and find a solution? Do they display adaptability and the ability to learn from previous experiences? These observations can provide valuable insights into your Vizsla’s intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Remember that intelligence is just one aspect of your Vizsla’s overall abilities and temperament. It is essential to consider their instinctive intelligence, working intelligence, and adaptability as well.

By undertaking a doggie IQ test, you can better understand your Vizsla’s intelligence and provide them with appropriate mental stimulation to keep their minds sharp. Engaging in activities that challenge their cognitive abilities can help strengthen their problem-solving skills and enhance their overall intelligence.

Final thoughts on Vizsla intelligence

While Vizslas may not be the smartest dog breed overall, they are still highly intelligent and capable of learning new commands quickly. They rank in the second tier of intelligence and excel in working intelligence.

If you own a Vizsla, you have a smart and trainable companion. Despite not being among the smartest dog breeds, Vizslas possess a remarkable level of intelligence that makes them a delight to train and interact with. Their above-average intelligence allows them to pick up new commands with ease, making them obedient and responsive to your instructions.

When it comes to working intelligence, Vizslas truly stand out. They have a natural ability to perform tasks related to their sporting heritage, such as hunting, pointing, and trailing. Their keen instincts and adaptability contribute to their overall intelligence, making them versatile and capable dogs.

While there are other breeds that may be considered smarter in terms of overall intelligence, owning a Vizsla still means having a smart and perceptive companion by your side. Their intelligence, combined with their loyal and affectionate nature, makes Vizslas an excellent choice for anyone seeking the companionship of a smart dog.

So, if you’re looking to own a smart dog that can learn quickly and excel in various activities, the Vizsla is definitely a breed worth considering.

Tips for Improving Your Vizsla’s Intelligence

To enhance your Vizsla’s intelligence, it’s important to focus on training and mental stimulation. By incorporating the following tips, you can help build your Vizsla’s cognitive abilities and enhance their overall intelligence:

1. Practice basic commands daily: Regular training sessions that reinforce basic commands like sit, stay, and come can help improve your Vizsla’s obedience and overall intelligence.

2. Socialize your Vizsla: Exposing your Vizsla to different people, animals, and environments can stimulate their mind and improve their adaptability, enhancing their cognitive abilities.

3. Provide plenty of praise and rewards: Positive reinforcement is key in training your Vizsla. Offering praise and rewards when they successfully complete tasks or display desired behaviors will motivate them to continue learning and improving.

4. Offer puzzle toys and mental challenges: Mental stimulation is crucial for enhancing your Vizsla’s intelligence. Puzzle toys and interactive games can engage their problem-solving skills, keeping their minds sharp and active.

5. Keep training sessions short and interactive: Vizslas have a high energy level and may become bored if training sessions are too long. Keeping sessions short and interactive will help maintain their focus and make the learning process more enjoyable for both of you.

Consistency is key when it comes to training and mental stimulation. By incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you can actively work on improving your Vizsla’s intelligence and enjoy the benefits of having a smart and capable companion.


In conclusion, Vizslas possess above-average intelligence within the canine world. While they may not claim the title of the absolute smartest breed overall, Vizslas display exceptional working intelligence, making them highly trainable. These dogs can quickly learn new commands and excel at tasks requiring their cognitive abilities.

Understanding the various facets of dog intelligence, such as obedience and working intelligence, allows you to appreciate the unique characteristics of Vizslas. By providing them with proper training and mental stimulation, you can further enhance their intelligence and unlock their full potential.

So, if you decide to welcome a Vizsla into your home, know that you are choosing a companion with above-average intelligence and the capacity to learn and adapt. With the right approach, your Vizsla will not only become a loyal and loving pet but also a smart and capable member of your family.

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