At What Age Does a Yorkie Calm Down?

At what age does a Yorkie calm down?

Yorkshire Terriers are energetic canines that can be a handful, especially for inexperienced owners. While there is no specific age when Yorkies will calm down, most will mellow down once they reach the age of two. However, it is important to note that not all Yorkies will fully calm down at this age, and some may remain active and energetic throughout their adult lives. It is recommended to wait up to five years or even to seniorhood to see if a Yorkie’s energy levels decrease. Providing ample exercise and socialization, along with training and proper care, can help to keep a Yorkie calm and balanced.

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of Yorkies will start to calm down around the age of two.
  • Not all Yorkies will fully calm down at this age and may remain active throughout their adult lives.
  • Waiting until seniorhood can be an indicator if a Yorkie’s energy levels will decrease.
  • Proper exercise, socialization, training, and care are essential for managing a Yorkie’s energy.
  • Consulting with a vet or professional trainer can provide additional guidance for calming down a hyper Yorkie.

Why are Yorkies Too Energetic?

Yorkshire Terriers are naturally energetic dogs, known for their love of zoomies, running, and playing. Despite their small size, they have high energy levels and can be quite active. This can make them unsuitable for owners who are not prepared for their energy needs.

Factors such as breed, genetics, and individual personality can also contribute to a Yorkie’s energy levels. Some Yorkies may simply have a higher energy drive than others. It is important to understand that this is a characteristic of the breed and not necessarily a behavioral issue.

Yorkies thrive in an apartment setting as long as they receive enough exercise to burn off their energy. It is crucial to provide regular exercise, mental stimulation, and training to manage a Yorkie’s energy. Without proper outlets for their energy, Yorkies may display destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, or digging.

Training plays a significant role in channeling a Yorkie’s energy in a positive direction. Teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, and come can help establish boundaries and provide mental stimulation. Engaging in interactive play sessions and puzzle toys can also help keep a Yorkie’s mind occupied and prevent boredom-related hyperactivity.

Additionally, socialization is essential for a Yorkie’s overall well-being. Introducing them to different environments, people, and other animals from a young age can help reduce anxiety and prevent overreactivity to stimuli. A well-socialized Yorkie is more likely to be calm and confident in various situations.

“Proper exercise, mental stimulation, and training are essential for managing a Yorkie’s energy and preventing behavioral issues associated with excess energy.”

In conclusion, the high energy levels of Yorkies are innate to the breed, and it is important for owners to understand and accommodate their energy needs. Providing regular exercise, mental stimulation, training, and socialization can help manage a Yorkie’s energy levels and prevent undesirable behaviors. With the right care and attention, your Yorkie can lead a happy and balanced life.

How to Calm Down a Hyper Yorkie

Calming down a hyper Yorkie requires patience, consistency, and proper training. Neutering or spaying can help lessen hormonal influences on their energy levels. Regular exercise is crucial for burning off excess energy. A 30-minute walk each day, along with mental stimulation through playtime and training sessions, can help keep a Yorkie calm.

Training and positive reinforcement are essential to establishing yourself as the alpha and teaching your Yorkie to listen to commands. Socialization and desensitization are important to prevent overreactivity to various stimuli.

Crate training can provide a safe space for a hyper Yorkie and help reduce separation anxiety. Calming aids such as CBD-infused calming chews or diffusers can also help temporarily decrease a Yorkie’s energy levels. Consulting with a vet or professional trainer may be necessary for additional guidance.


Calming down a Yorkie requires understanding their behavior and energy level. While there is no specific age when a Yorkie will calm down, most will start to mellow down around the age of two. However, it’s important to note that some Yorkies may remain active and energetic throughout their adult lives. To manage a hyper Yorkie’s behavior, it’s crucial to provide proper training, exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization.

Training your Yorkie consistently and using positive reinforcement techniques will help establish yourself as the leader and guide their behavior. Regular exercise, such as daily walks and playtime, allows them to burn off excess energy. Engaging their minds through puzzle toys and training sessions can also help keep them calm and focused.

Additionally, socializing your Yorkie from an early age will help them feel more comfortable around different people, animals, and environments, reducing their tendency to become reactive or anxious. Creating a peaceful and structured environment, along with providing a safe space like a crate, can help calm a hyper Yorkie and prevent unwanted behaviors.

Remember, each Yorkie is unique and may require individualized approaches. If you have any specific concerns or issues regarding your Yorkie’s behavior, it is always advisable to consult with a veterinarian or professional trainer who specializes in small dog breeds like Yorkies. With patience, consistency, and care, you can help your Yorkie become a well-behaved and content companion.

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