Natural Rearing Cat Breeders

NR Cat Breeder Members

As natural rearing cat breeders, our breeder members have been feeding their cats raw for a minimum of three years and have eliminated the use of toxic chemicals in, on or around their cats. Most have eliminated the use of vaccines except where required by law or have a very minimal protocol. These cat breeders give of their time, life and soul to the improved health and betterment of their chosen breed Our breeder members have been pre-qualified and have signed the NRBA’s Natural Rearing Cat Breeder’s code of ethics. To the best of our knowledge, they feed only an all raw meat, bone and organ diet, do not vaccinate except when required by law, do not use toxic chemicals in, on or around their cats and most of them do health testing for genetic diseases specific to their breed.

While there are no guarantees in life and Natural Rearing does not guarantee anything; Natural Rearing does bring the promise of a longer lived, healthier animal.
Breeders are listed in alphabetical order by cat breed below and now that we have Members from around the world, the breeds will be listed under the country they are located in:

United States and Canadian Breeders


Elysian Bengals
Email: ElysianBengals {@} icloud dot com

The Rhine Bengals

Email: therhinebengals {@} gmail dot com