Natural Rearing

Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended

by Dr. Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Learn how to breed and raise truly healthy dogs naturally!

Dr. Jeannie’s book “Natural Rearing: Breeding and Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended” is available now.

The long-awaited comprehensive book on natural rearing: breeding and raising dogs the way nature intended

Dr. Jeannie Thomason, a pioneer in the field of animal naturopathy and a natural rearing dog breeder of almost 30 years, brings you decades of knowledge and experience for the beginner and long time breeder alike.

Today’s canine companions have many health issues – stemming from improper diet, environmental toxins, medications – suppressed immune systems. A strong immune system is the ultimate defense against dis-ease.

Natural Rearing covers holistic/naturopathic methods and protocols to help you raise truly healthy dogs. Providing information on virtually every aspect of natural breeding, whelping and raising a healthy litter of puppies.

208 Pages – $31.95

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“I had the pleasure of reviewing Dr. Jeannie Thomason’s new book Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended…It is a fabulous book! I enjoyed it immensely!!! Really great to read these truths in print. I kept saying YES to myself throughout the entire book! 🙂 I am so happy and excited for you Jeannie to get this published! Your passion and wisdom shines through to energize and empower the reader. For anyone who has an interest in the subject of naturally reared dogs you are not going to want to miss this book!”

~Jennifer Lee NR Breeder/Carnivore Nutritionist

“I think you did an awesome job especially with the nutrition and husbandry. I don’t know of another resource out there for the layperson that does such a good job!”

With Love and Respect, Dr. Patricia Jordan

“As a long-time breeder of Naturally-Raised Standard Poodles I was looking forward to Jeannie’s book – it was well worth the wait! Jeannie shares her many years of experience and backs it up with research. Well done! An informative read for those new to the idea of a more holistic approach as well as those of you that are already involved in natural rearing practices.”

— Michelle Scott DIHom, HD (RHom), Guelph, Ontario, Canada

“In what is quite possibly the clearest and best book on this topic that I’ve ever seen, Dr. Thomason goes over the fundamental concepts of breeding and raising dogs naturally. Whether you have been breeding dogs for years or are new to breeding and raising puppies, you will benefit from having this book in your collection. In an era when our dogs are not thriving as they should—when they are presenting with all sorts of illnesses and issues even at very young ages.

Dr. Thomason presents solid information on how to breed and rear puppies so that they have the best possible chance at thriving well into old age. She gives solid information from a naturopathic perspective on everything you’ll need to know, from breeding through the puppy’s first stages (each of which is helpfully broken into distinct stages, making it much easier to reference the exact material you need), to feeding and supplements, and even discusses superior safe alternatives to things like cleaners and disinfectants.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Every dog breeder and puppy owner should have this book in their library.”

— Kristin Clark, Naturopathic Small Animal Health Coach and Carnivore Nutrition Consultant, Editor-in-Chief of Raw Pet Digest

“Natural Rearing: Breeding and Raising Dogs the Way Nature Intended” by Jeannie Thomason is an outstanding and excellent reference for those dog owners who really want the best for them. Her references and research in pertinent topics are crucial to giving that new pup all the best opportunity to live in our present world with so many toxins and environmental challenges.

Her insights of selecting, breeding and pregnancy are very nicely presented. As a integrative/holistic veterinarian for 40 years as well as a natural rearing poodle owner myself for four generations; I have incorporated almost all of what Jeannie has said in my own dogs. Nutrition is key to success in giving animals the best chance of being healthy. The micro biome of the gut is crucial for good health so all of Dr. Jeannie’s suggestions to nurture the gut bacteria is crucial.

So get this book, it you will help your dog to have a vibrant enabled immune system. Knowing more in this area of health will help you stay healthier too.

~Margo Roman, DVM,CVA,COT,CPT

“As a long time friend and colleague of Dr. Jeannie Thomason, I have been fully aware of her passion, care, concern, dedication and focus for her natural rearing breeding program. I have also been aware of the exceptional dogs she produces not only in conformation but functionally and behaviorally as well. What I didn’t know, as a non-breeder, was the depths to which she goes to ensure her individual dogs, her breed, her lines represent the epitome of the natural rearing principles. This book outlines all that goes into preparing the breeding pair as well as the puppies that result. I believe this book ought to be read not only by breeders who naturally rear who want to improve what they do, or conventional breeders wanting to move towards natural rearing, but every person who wants to have a healthy dog. If every person would see what goes into producing healthy dogs for generations to come, I think we’d see a rise of respect and desire for naturally reared dogs. I HIGHLY recommend everyone who desires to have healthy dogs read this book!”

– Kim Bloomer, VND

“Within these pages you’ll find invaluable information, beautifully written from a core of knowledge, courage, and honesty. My hope is that today’s breeders listen to the author’s literary trumpet that heralds a way of being in this world that supports better health for our dogs; present and future. Jeannie, you had me at “Trust”!”

– Kymythy R. Schultze, CN, AHI, Animal Nutritionist and Author

xoxo, Kymythy

Book Chapters:

Chapter 1 Starting Out

Chapter 2 Hard Things to Hear

Chapter 3 Nutrition

Chapter 4 Natural Immunity

Chapter 5 Preparation and Care of the Potential Breeding Bitch

Chapter 6 The Naturally Reared Stud Dog

Chapter 7 Breeding

Chapter 8 Pregnancy

Chapter 9 Labor and Whelping

Chapter 10 Care of Dam and Puppies

Chapter 11 The First Week of Life

Chapter 12 The Second Through Twelfth Weeks of Life

Chapter 13 Toxins That Affect Our Dogs

Chapter 14 Pests and Parasites-Nature’s Approach

Chapter 15 Placing Your NR Puppy