Why Look For A NR Puppy?

Thinking about adopting or buying a puppy or kitten?

We recommend getting your next pet from a NRB- a Natural Rearing Breeder.   Why?

For starters, It is so much wiser and so worth it in the long run to purchase a quality, naturally reared puppy or kitten that is from a chemical free environment and raised “naturally”.

It is in reality vitally important to the health of your pet to have been born into an environment free from all pollutants and from parents who have been raised naturally and in a toxic free environment themselves. A toxic free environment means not being exposed to toxic chemicals found in household cleaning products, personal care products, vaccines, pesticides, chemical wormers and even processed pet foods.

In truth all these things compromise the health of your puppy and/or kitten in the long run.

All commercial dog foods have some relationship to ‘junk’ food for kids. Vaccines, pesticides and processed pet food have long-term side effects that can cause a lifetime of ill health and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in vet bills. This is why we recommend a ‘Naturally Reared Puppy’.

It is also part of natural rearing to have the puppies being allowed time outside in the fresh air and getting age appropriate exercise in the sunshine on clean dirt/ground and grass (not treated in any way) with their dam and the breeder’s supervision.  Being socialized before ever leaving the breeder and exposed to new experiences ensures the puppy’s mind and emotions are healthy too.

You will have a lifetime of healthy enjoyment with a naturally healthy, earth friendly companion without the typical health concerns of a conventionally reared pet. Are you aware that most puppies are given 16 injections of different potent chemical cocktails (called vaccinations) by the time they are just 16 weeks old?   Unbelievable, right?  Are you aware of the damage done to the immune system when such an assult takes place?  It is high time to embrace the good old way of natural rearing puppies (and kittens).

Moving away from conventional practices to a more natural way of raising a pet is not a fad or new trend, it is as old as nature itself.






Our Approved Natural Rearing Dog and Cat Breeders  totally embrace naturopathic pet care.

Natural Rearing is so much more than just a raw food diet- it is a natural way of life a whole animal approach to life.

Naturally reared puppies are cared for as close to “au-natural” as possible. Applying the laws of health/nature to build a naturally strong immune system and thus a longer and much healthier life.







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