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July, 19, 2016


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*Meet Our Newest Members

*NR Breeder Spotlight

*Hip Dysplasia Series - The Real Causes

*What is Appropriate Exercise for a Puppy?



Welcome To Our Newest Members!

More New Breeder Members!

Please welcome our newest members here at the NRBA!  

At Tollhouse Kennels, we are an AKC Breeder of Merit and naturally raise our dogs and puppies.  

Pride N Joyz Naturally Reared Cane Corsos. Breeder of the 1st Female AKC Champion & Much More    

And Kallista Poodles & Kerry Blue Terriers

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NR Breeder Spotlight

The NR Breeder Spotlight is here to help us get to know each other better and promote our NR Breeders.   June 3, 2016 We are spotlighting: Susan Moore Lewelling, Natures Way Carolina Dogs, Tennessee NRBA: How long have you been raising your dogs “naturally”? Susan: I started down the Natural Path almost 8 years ago NRBA: How did you get into breeding …

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What's New?  Articles and Posts of Interest

© Brix24 | Dreamstime.com - Puppy nursing

Canine Hip Dysplasia - The Real Causes

Canine Hip Dysplasia - The Real Causes


Canine Hip Dysplasia NOT genetic and taking x-rays and breeding dogs with good or excellent OFA hip ratings to other dogs who also have good to excellent hip ratings, does NOT prevent it!  Learn the real causes!

Hip dysplasia is not a "genetic malformation of the hip socket"as commonly thought, but rather a weakness in the ligaments that support the hip joint. This allows the ball of this ball-in-socket joint to bang away at the joint surface, preventing the socket from forming properly. In other words, the instability created by weak supportive ligaments keeps the body from being able to manufacture a deep, smooth hip socket for the ball to fit snuggly into, resulting in the flattening of the acetabulum (hip socket) and a squaring of the femoral head (the ball).

Here is an interesting article I found and I wanted to share with you:

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Appropriate Exercise For A Puppy ©- Zoe Zimmer Zora Zoom

Appropriate Exercise For a Puppy

Appropriate Exercise For A Puppy What is appropriate exercise for a puppy?  The idea that exercise is some kind of "magic bullet" that will solve all behavior problems with our dogs and puppies is simply not true.  I have been reading and observing that this idea has led to a dangerous trend of puppy owners pushing their puppies beyond appropriate …

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What Is Puppy Culture?


Throughout my own blogs on - The Whole Dog and Genteel Standard Poodles you will notice that  I mention and often write about "Puppy Culture" protocols and exercises.

While I talk a bit about some of the these protocols and exercises in my book - Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature IntendedPuppy Culture is a series of educational videos authored by Jane Killion, outlining even more of the science pertaining to puppy development in the first 12 weeks of life, and its practical application in the form of enrichment protocols and emotional resiliency exercises for breeders and puppy owners. In my opinion, except for the one or two brief mentions of vaccinations,  It is the best hands-on guide for puppy enrichment and socializing available at this time. 

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