Welcome Abbey Rose, Tarrah Labs and Borderflies – New Breeder Members

Please welcome our Newest Breeder Members:


Bred with care, raised with love, sprinkled with stardust is our motto. At AbbeyRose we take great care in breeding and raising our dogs for health, conformation, temperament, and companionship. Research shows that the keys to a long life for dogs are good genes, a species-appropriate diet, and minimal exposure to vaccines and environmental toxins. Recently, minimizing stress has been identified as a fifth factor. We do our best to control each of these. Prior to breeding, our dogs are DNA tested via the OFA for lens luxation, which can lead to glaucoma and blindness in Welsh terriers. We feed a raw-based diet and minimally vaccinate. We control for fleas and ticks using natural, nontoxic products and do not expose our dogs to household or yard pesticides. We use environmentally safe products to clean indoor and outdoor areas and dogs get plenty of fresh air and exercise










Tarrah Labs in Orlando, Florida where we breed beautiful, naturally healthy black and yellow Labrador Retriever puppies!



Here at Borderflies I strive to produce the total Border Collie. I share my life with a wonderful breed that can truly do anything that you ask, whether that be working livestock on your farm, excelling at various canine sporting venues, performing service work or being a loyal, loving, active companion. My goal is to produce dogs who are of sound mind and body that will share their lives with you for a very long time. All puppies will be bred from health tested parents and raised using natural rearing methods.

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