Responsible/Reputable Dog Breeders are the Solution – Not the Problem!


Dog breeders are often vilified by Animal Rights zealots, by well-meaning but woefully misguided members of the public who have been persuaded that breeders are causing overpopulation and filling shelters, by rescuers and shelter workers whose views of the world have become so skewed by the war they are waging that they have lost all perspective, and by those in the media who prefer drama to truth.

Reputable, Responsible/Ethical Dog Breeders are the SOLUTION, not the problem!

They are the in reality, the true heroes stewarding the present and the future of dogs. These breeders are the ones creating healthy, well-structured animals with great temperaments and excellent early socialization. They are the ones funding health research and testing their breeding dogs while eliminating the dogs from their breeding program that are found to have structure, temperament or health problems.

Responsible breeders are the ones devoting their lives, time and resources to the betterment of their particular breed and the species as a whole. They are the ones who put in twenty hour days watching over the growing puppies, giving the dogs and puppies everything they need emotionally and physically. They even sleep with the new mom and puppies to make sure all is well for the first two or three weeks of their lives and then wake up three times during the night there after to check on them.

Responsible breeders are not only willing but eager to spend time with you, explaining, teaching and advising you about their breed. They will make the disadvantages of owning their breed crystal clear, and it may even be the first topic of conversation! No breed is perfect for everyone, and the responsible breeder wants to be absolutely sure that you really want, and are prepared to care for, this kind of dog for the life of the dog, not just during the “cute puppy stage”.

A responsible breeder will refuse a sale, regardless of any personal financial strain or the amount of work involved in raising the puppies…

rather than place any dog in an unworkable situation. The reputable breeder will question you closely about your home, your family, your lifestyle, how many hours a day the dog will be home alone and where it will be while you are gone as well as ask you what your expectations of the dog are.

Reputable/responsible breeders are the ones whose dogs that they have bred NEVER end up in shelters because they such a good job screening and placing and taking back their dogs should the new owner at any time be unable to care for the dog.

Responsible breeders are the ones who have virtually eliminated overpopulation within your realm and in fact created a shortage of good dogs such that it often takes years of waiting before one of their puppies is available. They don’t breed to make money and in fact they are usually lucky if they can even recoup the money invested in the care, breeding and raising of a litter of healthy, quality bred puppies.

Reputable breeders rarely if ever have to advertise their puppies being available – they have a waiting list of screened buyers, often a year in advance of the actual breeding.

Reputable breeders stay in touch with their puppy buyers and get photos, emails and phone calls from owners with glowing reports of how wonderful and special their dogs are.

Here is a great blog post/letter to breeders that someone drew my attention to recently that tells it like is and praises the reputable dog breeder.

Isn’t it time to get the truth out there? Isn’t time we stop supporting the puppy mills and back yard breeders by buying/”adopting” their puppies and dogs from the shelters and pounds? Isn’t time we educate the public as to how to find and acquire a mentally and physically sound dog or puppy?


  1. This article is very true. My husband and I were involved with dog rescue for about 15 years. It’s wonderful to get the dogs as healthy as possible and then place them into the right kind of homes. However, too many people in animal rescue don’t know the truth about vaccination, pet food, drugs, etc. They’re closed to anything that’s not condoned by their conventional vets. They perpetuate these damaging and deadly procedures and the poor animals don’t stand a chance. These same people who claim to love animals can be hateful to anyone pro natural rearing and they’re hell-bent against breeders. The truth is that natural rearing breeders do good, not harm. They’re stopping the cycle of damaged DNA, poor health, and they work hard to educate the public about all this. This truly is changing the lives of both the animals they breed and for the humans who own them. Our hats are off to all natural rearing breeders. Keep up the wonderful work you do and may God richly bless you for it! You’re doing right by His creatures.

  2. I really appreciated this article. I am involved in dog rescue, but have never thought that responsible breeders were part of the problem. I do have a problem with puppy mills and backyard breeders that are just trying to make a quick buck, but responsible breeders are what are furthering our beloved dogs. So, thank you for natural rearing and for planting the seeds of responsible breeding and natural rearing. I truly believe that the solution to overpopulation and to the dis-eases that are cropping up everywhere will take all of us, working in all of our different spheres (breeders, rescue, etc.), to resolve. Great article! I applaud all you’re doing, and applaud all the rescuers and other people out there (like me) that are open to responsible animal breeding and ownership anywhere we find it.

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