Puppy Adventure Box

I am always looking for ways to provide enrichment and learning experiences to my puppies that will develop physical, psychological and emotional health in them. I know that every new experience we give our puppies before they go to their new homes can help them to be the best they can be. So I am often found wandering the aisles of hardware and home improvement stores as well as the pet toy outlets; thinking of ways to use their products or toys; usually not the way they were intended to be used but to challenge my pups as they grow.

It is a well researched and known fact that animals that are raised in enriched environments have been shown to have the following physiological changes:

  • Larger brains
  • More new brain cells and neural connections
  • Better brain cell survival
  • The result of these physical changes in brain structure result in the following intellectual and emotional benefits:
  • Improved ability to learn and remember
  • More emotional stability
  • Better resiliency to stress
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Better recovery from fear
  • Less fear-based aggression
  • Calmer
  • Quicker to learn basic “commands”

I found out about the “Adventure Box” box from another breeder and I love how it stimulates the puppies senses in a fun and safe way. Adding the Adventure Box to the puppy’s play area at a time when they have few to no real fears yet,  teaches them that things that move and/or make noise is interesting and fun. You can toss treats inside the middle of the box so the pups have to go through the dangling items to get to them if they are not naturally curious about the dangling things but I personally have not found it necessary. Within a day or two, the pups are charging into, tugging on and trying to dismantle everything hanging the box frame.

Once you begin weaning the  pups, you can put their food in the center of the Adventure Box. This teaches them to tolerate things touching and bumping them while they eat! If you have a young child or grandchild that can sit in the middle with the puppy and all the dangling items, even better!  This is a great enrichment tool to add to your arsnal.  This adventure box is just one more fun and great way to provide different enrichment for your puppies.

Grow your puppies’ brains with this innovative tool that will help them become confident, stable puppies. Add an Adventure Box to their play area and watch massive learning take place while you sit back and enjoy the fun!

Order your Adventure Box Fully Outfitted or Naked



Fully Outfitted Adventure Box


Fully Outfitted Adventure Box For those who want the fun to start right out of the box, we offer a fully outfitted Adventure Box that comes with:

One 30″ square PVC frame of four learning panels strung with:

*Quart-sized paint cans

*6″ Hose pieces

*PVC hanging poles and colorful plastic ware

*Welded chain and paint brushes

*One roll of decoy line to re-string any items your pups have fun pulling off


$189.97 plus shipping and handling



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Naked Adventure Box

For those would rather choose their own items to string into the pre-drilled PVC panels, we offer a Naked Adventure Box, which comes with:

*One 30″ square PVC frame with holes drilled every two inches

*A roll of decoy line to string your items to the Adventure Box frame

*You add the objects you want and watch the fun begin!


$89.97 plus shipping and handling

Always Remember, Safety First!

Be careful when choosing the items to string onto your Adventure Box!




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Adventure Boxes are shipped partially assembled to save on shipping costs.