NR Breeder Spotlight Dec. 2015

NR Breeder Spotlight 11/24/15

This Month Our NR Breeder Spotlight Is On:

Jennifer Lee, Tailcreek Mastiffs of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

We interviewed Jennifer Lee for this NR Breeder Spotlight:

Jennifer maintains membership with the Canadian Kennel Club, Canadian Mastiff Club, and the Natural Rearing Breeders Association. We are active in the Mastiff community including rescue efforts.

NR Breeder Spotlight Interview:

How long have you been raising your dogs “naturally”?

Jennifer Lee:
About ten years now.

How did you get into breeding?

Jennifer Lee:
Years ago we purchased a puppy that was intended as a pet from a breeder who was very involved in both showing and breeding. We got to be good friends and her passion seemed to rub off on me…our “pet” puppy that we bought from her ended up being the first dog I ever stepped in a show ring with. Although he was never used for breeding that was the start and within the next year we had imported two females, one of which went on to whelp our first litter.

Tell us about your journey into natural rearing:

READ The Entire Interview and View Some Of Jennifer’s Beautiful Mastiffs HERE

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