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February, 2018  Breeder Spotlight, First NR Cat Breeder Member, Welcome to new EU breeder, Inheirted Vaccinosis? and MORE!

October, 2017 Lots of New Members To Welcome!, Canine microbiome & Biological Terrain Theory, Medicinal Mushrooms for Dogs and MORE!

August, 2017  Our New Logo & Breeder Member Seal, The Electrical Immune System, Puppy Culture & NR Breeding go hand in paw and MORE!

Summer, 2017  Can we detox our animals from vaccines?  Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated, something to think about, Breeder Spotlight and MORE!

May 11, 2017  Breeder Spotlight, Heartworm Prevention BeAwareness, Puppies; Last Two Weeks of The Critical Learning Period and MORE! 

December 2016  Addressing mastitis in the lactating dam, Epigenetics – Shaping Our Puppy’s Genes, NR Breeder Spotlight

October 2016 Is it possible to Over-worm our dogs?, NR Breeder Spotlight, Grounding or Earthing with Our Dogs

August 2016 NR Breeder SpotlightNew Articles and/or Posts of InterestHomeopathic Kit For Dog Breeders

July 2016   Welcome New Breeder Members, CHD Series – The Real Causes, What is Appropriate Exercise for a Puppy?

June 2016 Meet Our Newest Breeder Members, NR Breeder Spotlight, NEW Book- Natural Rearing – Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended

November 2015 Breeder Spotlight & Article – The Link Between Rearing Practices and Hereditary Disease

January 2015: Joint Diseases are they genetic? New Members

 Premier Issue: Parvo and Breeder Spotlight


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The Natural Rearing Breeders Association is growing as more and more breeders realize the benefits to canines worldwide of feeding a species appropriate diet and avoiding toxins such as vaccinations, flea & tick treatments, household chemicals, etc.. It is our goal to provide readers with the latest information available to sustain this forward momentum. We are on the cutting edge of what will in the future, be considered the normal rearing habits of domestic animals. However, like any pioneers, we face many obstacles to our goals. The Natural Rearing Newsletter – NRBA News Bites is one of the best weapons in our arsenal to disseminate vital and life changing information. Please contact us if you have something you would like to contribute.


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