Welcome to our – Newest Natural Rearing Dog Breeder Members!

Welcome to our newest Natural Rearing Dog Breeder Members!

We are so thrilled that more and more natural rearing breeders are coming forward – committed to raising truly naturally healthy puppies (and kittens).

We have had several applications come in over the Summer from breeders wanting more education and support as they begin to eliminate feeding processed and cooked diets and ceasing with all the toxic vaccinations and pesticides on their breeding animals.

More and more puppies are developing health issues at a very young age and dying far too soon – while genetic health testing is well and good as far as it goes, if the sire and dam are not also eating a species specific raw diet and having natural immunity built up in them, each successive generation is weaker and sicker.

Below are four more dog breeders committed to rearing truly naturally healthy dogs – “the way nature intended.”


Vom Hause Weinbrand German Shepherd Dogs

I strive to produce and maintain versatile German Shepherd Dogs which can work in various areas while maintaining excellent temperament and health. All of my dogs are titled before breeding as well as having their ‘a’ stamp and/or OFA certification.

I am on my 5th generation of raw fed and naturally reared female line!  All of my pups are raw fed and naturally reared!  I am a big believer in natural rearing and try to treat my dogs/puppies as naturally as possible.  I am very proud of having several generations of naturally reared females and litters!I


Vom Hause Weinbrand
Website: http://www.vomhausweinbrand.com/index.html




Miasian Blue Staffordsire Bull Terriers

Naturally Raised, Lovingly Nurtured.

Health, Temperament and Socialization is EVERYTHING!


Miasian Blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Website: www.facebook.com/miasianblue


Catellana Rhodesian Ridgebacks

We love our Ridgebacks and they love us!  Our Naturally Reared Ridgebacks are raised in the Appalachian Mountains of far Western North Carolina where the seasons are alive and the squirrels and rabbits are plentiful!  Our Rhodesian family lives on 13 acres of mountains and lots of open pasture, a creek and a river for our girls to run freely! We incorporate Puppy Culture protocols in raising our puppies.


Catellana Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Website: https://crridgebacks.vistaprintdigital.com




Danube Miniature Poodles in Red or Black

Natural Rearing breeder dedicated to protect and preserve the Poodle breed in a constant search for the poofles that best represent the standard in personality, health and conformation.


Danube Miniature Poodles
Website: www.danubepoodles.com

If you are already a natural rearing breeder who has been raising your dogs and puppies truly naturally for a while or if you are a conventional breeder interested in coming over to the truly natural side of breeding and raising healthy dogs (or cats), we have a private facebook group you may be interested in joining: Natural Rearing Breeder Education & Support


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