Naturally Reared Animals - it's all about epegenetics

Naturally Reared Animals – It’s All About Epigenetics

For natural rearing animal breeders, it’s all about epigenetics!

Epigenetics is an attractive study for animal breeders because it may help us find part of the missing causality and missing heritability of complex traits and diseases as well as how we can alter genetic expression in our animals.

It is especially attractive to natural rearing breeders as a helpful tool in altering the genetic expression of animals brought in from outside lines and in educating their puppy buyers on how to keep their puppy healthy.

DNAm patterns are modified during the life of an individual starting in the womb onwards, by environmental forces like diet the mother ate, the vaccines the sire was given, exposure to stress, drugs, or pollution among a myrid of life events. Therefore, some environments and “life styles” are more likely to increase certain methylation patterns,and these patterns would contribute to the phenotypic variation between individuals.

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