Natural Rearing Means Toxic Chemical Free Living

Are you aware of the fact that the average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every single day and that 80 of those chemicals are all applied BEFORE breakfast?

Most of these (toxic) chemicals are from soap, makeup, shampoo hair care, perfume and other personal care products.

Our dogs and cats are being exposed to these chemicals just by being in the same house with you, they have no way to avoid exposure.

Dogs as you may know,  have about 220 million scent receptors (compared to our 5 million). Dogs can smell things that seem unfathomable to us. They can detect some odors in parts per trillion, and they can detect countless subtleties in scents!

So you can be sure that if the toxic chemicals and synthetic scents/so-called fragrances; in the everyday products we use, are toxic and harmful to us, they are that much MORE harmful to our companion animals!

Most of these toxic chemicals are known to be “Hormone and/or Endocrine Altering” or “Disrupters”

Endocrine disruptors in our bodies (our dogs and our own) increase the production of certain hormones; decreasing production of others; They imitate hormones (estrogen); turn one hormone into another; interfer with hormone signaling; tell cells to die prematurely; compete with essential nutrients; bind to essential hormones; accumulate in organs that produce hormones, and more!

As Natural Rearing Breeders, it is our responsibility to eliminate all toxic chemical based products used on ourselves, in our homes, in our gardens, in our dogs, on our dogs and around our dogs. And then educate our puppy buyers.

Don’t freak out! There are many alternative, safe, natural substances and products available that can be used in their stead.

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