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Medicinal Mushrooms For Dogs

Supplementing dogs with medicinal mushrooms during times of stress (during heat cycle, breeding, pregnancy, exposure to toxins, etc.) is nothing new. It is just now gaining a lot more attention here in the western world.

The health benefits of ingesting medicinal mushrooms keep surfacing, and there are a lot more benefits which are yet to be discovered I am sure. There are a lot of research studies that are going on around the world, and new discoveries are being made for the numerous uses of medicinal mushrooms.

Immune system boosting and antibacterial properties of certain mushrooms, combined with a proper diet and elimination of toxins, has shown to aid in the prevention of and immune boosting benefits that fight ailments from influenza to viral and bacterial infections.

Medicinal mushrooms are:

* Antitoxin,  supporting liver and kidney function, and facilitating recovery from dis-ease.

* Adaptogenic, aiding the different body systems; where ever most needed, to cope with environmental stress.

* Immunomodulating, modifying the immune response or the functioning of the immune system (as by the stimulation of antibody formation or the inhibition of white blood cell activity)

* Cytocidal,causing the death of certian cells that our to balance (tumor cells).

* PreBiotics for the microbiome, augmenting the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacterium. Recent research now shows the consumption of Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms in particular to not only boost the immune system, but also balance the microbiome in favor of these beneficial bacteria, resulting in better digestion, changing the  bacteria in the gut for the better. (1)

Medicinal mushrooms have been proven time and again to be powerful and potent sources to fortify the body against a host of environmental and pathogenic caused ailments and diseases. The scientific and clinical research pointing to the potent efficacy of medicinal mushrooms is compelling.

In conclusion:It has been confirmed repeatedly in human and animal studies both that the constituents are powerful immune system stimulants. They energize the body’s natural defense mechanisms to help prevent the onset of common ailments such as colds and influenza as well as a range of more serious illnesses. The most potent immune energizing mushrooms also usually inhibit tumor growth directly through cytocidal action and indirectly through their immunostimulation properties. A wide range of medicinal mushrooms also exhibit antibacterial and anti-toxin activities to fortify the liver and kidneys.

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References and More Information on Medicinal Mushrooms


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