To qualify as a Breeder Member and have your  Website listed with us, you must state the following on your website:

  • Which health tests you have done on your animals if any
  • That your adults and puppies OR kittens are fed exclusively a raw diet
  • Information about the raw diet you feed and how long you have been feeding raw
  • A statement that you only vaccinate for what is required by law OR that you do not vaccinate OR have something in writing on your website with information on dangers of vaccines
  • Have a description of your natural rearing practices on your website
  • Have the NRBA Banner linked to this website and clearly visible on an active web page
  • Read and agree to the code of ethics



Click HERE To Download Application to Join as a Natural Rearing Dog Breeder


Click HERE  for Application to Join as a Natural Rearing Cat Breeder





The Natural Rearing Breeder’s Association (NRBA) carefully checks the validity of all Member’s credentials. All applicants must read, agree to and sign our Code of Ethics. All credentials are checked and validated for NRBA members. However, The Natural Rearing Breeder’s Association, nor its founders, officers and members are NOT responsible in any way for any actions of any of its members in either business, professional or personal undertakings. We provide a Directory of Member’s Listings and Referrals as a convenience for the dog community and as an aid to our members. We are not recommending any specific member(s) or endorsing any of their methods, treatments or products on this website, or in any of our published material. Use of the Member Section and/or Referrals indicates your understanding and agreement to these terms which are posted on our website.


The information contained on this web site is intended as education/information only.
It is not intended to replace your veterinarian. Please use your good judgment.