Immunity Vitality & Vital Force in Animals

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason

You have most likely read or heard the term “vitality”,  “vital force” and most likely, “vital animal”; quite a lot over the past few years, but what does this mean?

It is defined in a few different ways but in animal naturopathy, we define it as: balance, homeostasis, high vibrational frequencies, a strong, properly functioning (or balanced) immune system.  

Immunity and Vitality

You see, immunity is a joint effort encompassing the entire being – all parts of the organism. The Vital Force plays a primary role, because it coordinates immune responses.

When the vital force is strong the body functions optimally, including the immune system. A competent immune system can differentiate between two nearly identical cells, one a pathogen the other is the organism itself.

You know your animal has a strong vital force when they easily resist dis-ease, have good natural energy, sleep well, are happy and look as good as they feel.


Sickness occurs when the vital force and immunity is low.

Conventional medical treatments take a huge negative toll on your animal’s vitality.

Now, knowing this, you can begin to see why naturopathy and the use of natural remedies is superior to using chemical medications, when it comes to raising the vital force. The vital force is the ultimate organizing element of being well/healthy.

As a pet parent, you cannot know every disease name, nor do you need to! You know your dog (or cat) better than anyone you can tell when they are under pressure from dis-ease. A diagnosis and “label” for the symptoms does not matter! What does matter is getting your pet back to true health/whole wellness.

Naturopathy & Laws of Health

Raising their vibrational frequencies, strengthening and balancing the immune system and its resistance to dis-ease will increase vitality.  This is where naturopathy and the laws of health come into play.


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