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Heartworm Prevention – Bewareness

A few years ago, in honor of the U.S.A’s National Heartworm Awareness Month, Dr. Will Falconer decided to slightly rename it to: “Heartworm Bewarness Month”. I totally love the message in renaming it. Wouldn’t it be great if we all begin to call it Heartworm Bewarness month? What do you say, will you join me in getting the word out on the dangers of heartworm medications and the truth about heartworms and how to naturally prevent them?

This the time of year that veterinarians and the drug companies that support each other to put out commercials and send out post card reminders to scare you into getting your dogs on heartworm poisons.

So called Heartworm “prevention” has become a multi-billion dollar, business for drug companies, veterinarians, testing laboratories and on-line sellers of toxic based medication. This is where I want everyone to “beware” – you see, any time health intersects with money, there’s nothing but conflict of interest. It is only by understanding the business aspects and the truth about the “perfect storm” for heartworm transmission that we can all make an informed decision about: if and how we will protect our dogs. Yes, we do have a choice in all of this.

The big scare tactic that the industry uses is: heartworm infestations are a matter of fact and almost always fatal! What we need to realize though is that infestation is far from inevitable and is rarely the immutable death sentence drug companies and veterinarians want us to believe.

Dr. Jeff Levy, veterinarian and homeopath, along with other animal naturopaths like me and some truly holistic veterinarians have concluded that it was not the heartworms that cause dis-ease, but the other factors that have damaged the dog’s health to the point that they could no longer compensate for an otherwise tolerable parasite load.

Those main factors include:

  • being vaccinated yearly
  • eating commercial dog food
  • and getting suppressive drug treatment for other symptoms of disease

I would add to that,

  • exposure to household toxins in cleaning products
  • air freshness
  • synthetic fragrances
  • not enough exercise, fresh air, time in the sunshine
  • emotional stress.

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