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Our Newest Breeder Member!

Welcome to the NRBA! Everyone please welcome our newest breeder member: Christina Diron of Vitali Vizslas   Christina has been rearing  her dogs ever more naturally for approx. 17 years. For the last decade she been totally NR (raw food and no vaccines or other chemical assaults in, on or around my dogs) and now …

Welcome Bonza Australian Shepherds

We are concerned with helping prospective owners understand the proper health, temperament and training of the Australian Shepherd, and are always available to answer your questions. Our dogs are raw fed, and haven’t been vaccinated for 4 generations. We also use holistic health care as much as possible. (Though in reality our dogs are so …

Welcome Brandenburg GSDs

Our old-style, Naturally reared, German Shepherd Dogs have straight backs, are large boned, with big heads, superior intelligence, calm temperaments, adaptability, health, longevity, protectiveness, and fierce devotion and sensitivity to their family members.