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Natural Rearing – An Introduction By Roberta Jamison NR breeders and owners follow these very important protocols. We feed a variety of species-appropriate raw, fresh unprocessed foods (for dogs this means raw, properly grown meat, organs and bones – based on the diet on which their wild ancestors evolved). We ensure our dogs always have access to fresh clean unadulterated water (non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated, no heavy metals or other toxins) clean grass-covered ground, and are not raised on cement or gravel plenty of fresh air, sunlight and exercise. We ensure our dogs are not...

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Why Look For A NR Puppy?

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Thinking about adopting or buying a puppy or kitten? We recommend getting your next pet from a NRB- a Natural Rearing Breeder.   Why? For starters, It is so much wiser and so worth it in the long run to purchase a quality, naturally reared puppy or kitten that is from a chemical free environment and raised “naturally”. It is in reality vitally important to the health of your pet to have been born into an environment free from all pollutants and from parents who have been raised naturally and in a toxic free environment themselves. A toxic free environment means not being exposed...

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Welcome to Naturally Reared Bengal Cats

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We have recently opened breeder membership to Natural Rearing Cat Breeders and we now have two new members!   Introducing:   Elysian Bengals   Health and temperament are paramount to any breeder’s breeding program but here at Elysian Bengals, genetics and nutrition are just as a priority whether you are looking for a house pet or a show cat. Website: Email:   And   The Rhine Bengals   Website: Email:...

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Welcome Graceful Heart Pomeranians

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Graceful Heart Pomeranians has been providing loving, healthy, holistically raised pomeranian puffs to families and folks since 2009.

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NR Bulldog Puppies Due October 25, 2017

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eMac Bulldogs is expecting a litter October 25, 2017 between eMac’s Pure Imagination & Ch. Hetherbull Topline Party Like a Rock Star.   Our Bulldogs are holistically raised and bred for health and longevity. These puppies will be 4th generation raw fed on dams side. Sire is conventionally reared, but we chose him for his health and overall conformation. Sire is 8 years old and is in the Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame for siring over 10 champions and is a BCA Health Ambassador. Both sire and dam are OFA Normal for Patella, Cardiac, Trachea & Thyroid and HUU Clear....

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Welcome Briar Hill English Shepherds

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BRIAR HILL Naturally Reared English Shepherds  ...

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