Are Your Puppies Truly 2nd or 3rd Generation NR??

It has come to my attention over the last couple of years that many Natural Rearing breeders are breeding their second or third generation (or even multi-generational)NR bitches to CR (Conventionally Reared) stud dogs!  WHY?

There are just not enough NR males available for stud it would appear.  This should not be!  How can one say their puppies are second or third or what ever generation NR, when the sire was NOT NR at all, only the Dam was?

And then the puppy families are totally confused and don’t understand why their puppy is not the thriving, emotionally and physically sound puppy they thought they were getting.   No wonder NR breeders in general are starting to get a bad rap!

I am totally at a loss as to why one would call themselves a NR breeder and advertise their puppies as second or third generation NR when in reality they are only first generation at most due to having a sire that was raised on kibble, exposed to toxic chemical products and vaccinated, most likely multiple times at that.

I have tried to be highly selective about who we approve as NR breeders here at the NRBA.  I can’t tell you how many breeders whose applications we have rejected because they thought NR meant feeding a raw diet of some kind at least once a day (often they tell me they feed a mix of raw and “premium, grain free kibble”.  YIKES!   Also, they brag about having only given the puppies  a series of three vaccinations “because Parvo is so rampant” in their area.   Really?

I am sorry if the tone of this post is a bit frustrated and upset but come on you guys  how does the above make anyone think they are naturally rearing their dogs and producing naturally reared puppies?

I have created a page on the website for NR Stud Dogs – Male dogs that have been weaned from their raw fed Dams onto raw and that have not been vaccinated.  Some may only be first or second generation NR but I will only list those who truly are NR who can pass on their natural immunity and strong immune systems to their offspring.

If you have a true NR stud dog, PLEASE send me an email and let’s get him posted as available for stud (or fresh chilled or even frozen semen).  Please help the breeders with NR bitches to breed the very best, most naturally healthy puppies possible.

Thank you!

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