The Natural Rearing Breeder’s Association

A Premier Organization

is comprised of like-minded breeders, natural animal health professionals and dog owners dedicated to the principles of rearing our dogs and cats as close to nature as possible. Only incorporating natural remedies and only as needed. We promote a healthy lifestyle to support the complete dog (mind, body and spirit) while promoting an awareness for our changing world.

The Natural Rearing Breeder’s Assoc. stands for INTEGRITY. This association consists of breeders dedicated to the natural rearing of quality,health tested, pure bred dogs and cats. This includes feeding a raw, species specific diet along with no vaccinations (except where required by law) and raising them in a loving environment full of stimulation and enrichment to produce intelligent, healthy animals, capable of fulfilling the design of their breed for function.

Our members are dedicated to the naturopathic way of life to address dis-ease of the mind, body and emotions using holistic/natural/naturopathic health methods when needed. Our members are ‘approved’ breeders who have agreed to and signed our Code of Ethics as well as members who have degrees, registered, licensed or certified professionals in holistic/natural animal health field(s) dedicated to life, health and longevity of dogs and cats.

All members have proven track-records and experience. All professional members’ credentials have been verified to ensure the integrity of this organization and the services each member provides. NRBA strives to be a leader in bringing to the dog community accurate, reliable and factual information regarding educating the public on the whole dog approach of natural rearing. We strive to set the standard and an example nationwide of the strength of a community and an organization.

We are dedicated to the belief that health is a state of balance/harmony of mind and spirit as well as body. We believe that dis-ease should be addressed in a positive and constructive manner approaching the cause and not just the symptoms. Working to support and enhance the mind, body and spirit to bring balance to the ‘whole’ dog  or cat for complete physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Naturopathic Health Care For My Dog and/or Cat Is New To Me.
You can learn more about animal naturopathy at AnimalNaturopathy.org 

Or have a consultation with an animal naturopath or one the natural rearing breeders listed on the website. Animal Naturopathy website, lists all the certified animal naturopaths available at this time. 

Do You Have a Referral Service?
NRBA provides an on-line Referral Service to help you locate a breed specific NRBA breeder and/or a qualified, natural animal healthcare practitioner as well as mentoring consultations.

I Am Not A Breeder But Would Like To Advertise Or Be Listed On Your Site
Wonderful! We have a membership for the pet owner, animal naturopath, holistic groomers and Natural care -dog daycare provider – If you would like to join just to have access to education and/or to have your approved natural pet business advertised, this is the membership for you! You will be listed on our Referral Service page for only $25.00 a year as long as you maintain a reciprocal link to the NRBA on your website.

I Still Have Questions, Who Can I Talk To?
You can email us at nrbreedersassociation@gmail.com

How Do I Join?

It’s easy. You can apply on-line HERE or by downloading our application, filling out and scanning into an email to us. Don’t forget to review and sign our Code of Ethics agreement as well.

Where or How Do I Pay My Yearly Dues?

Currently, there are no dues required for Breeder Members as we continue to promote natural rearing and add only true natural rearing breeders as members.


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