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February 1, 2018


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Mary Langevin of Cat's Cradle Catahoulas

NR Breeder Spotlight

The NR Breeder Spotlight is here to help us get to know each other better and promote our NR Breeders.   January, 2018, We are Spotlighting: Mary Langevin of Cat’s Cradle Catahoulas   NRBA: How long have you been raising your dogs “naturally”? 10 years now and 3 generations of totally natural dogs. “Natural” for me means - vaccine-free, raw fed …

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Welcome New Breeder Members

Welcome to Naturally Reared Bengal Cats

We have recently opened breeder membership to Natural Rearing Cat Breeders and we now have two new members!   Introducing:   Elysian Bengals   Health and temperament are paramount to any breeder's breeding program but here at Elysian Bengals, genetics and nutrition are just as a priority whether you are looking for a house pet or a show cat. Website: …

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Welcome To our second European NR Breeder!

JaniceCool French Bulldogs Naturally Reared on a raw diet, no vaccinations or toxic chemcials

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What's New?  

Articles and Posts of Interest


Inherited Vaccinosis?

"Vaccinosis is a disease syndrome caused by a weakness that is precipitated by vaccination" ~ Dr. Charles Loop

A number of chronic disease conditions are proving to be related to vaccinations. Multiple, sucessive generations of vaccinated animals appear to be bringing out deep, chronic dis-ease syndromes in our companion animals. Some examples of vaccinosis/chronic diseases include autoimmune diseases, such as:

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NR English Shepherd Puppies! 

 3rd Generation NR * Purebred * Registered * Working Lines * Heritage Breed

English Shepherds are a rare heritage breed and are the foundation of the collie family. Regarded as an all-around farm dog, they are famed for their versatility as farm hands and companions to people of all ages. These intelligent, loyal dogs possess many desirable attributes: as herders, guardians, vermin eradicators, and have gained popularity for sports, SAR, service, and therapy. With a drive to complete their Master’s daily tasks, they also have the capacity to relax, all the while keeping an eye on things. The pups are being trained in obedience, potty, crate, leash, as well as being socialized in situations off the property (which means car rides also). They spend equal time in our home and outside. They have been handled and loved on right from the beginning. We have done Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction which is said to help build a bigger brain…allowing them to be more confident. We have used habituation cd’s (thunder, fireworks, baby crying, dogs barking, vacuum, city sounds, etc.) as well as the sounds of our own country home environment and the places in which they’ve been socialized.

Our puppies have well-balanced, sweet temperaments and respond well to correction. They learn quickly, are athletic, love belly rubs, and love being with people. They have been evaluated and have correct/sound structure. We provide permanent registration with the ESC. The litter has also been registered with the UKC, so you will receive an application for permanent registration with your contract. Pups are sold by a contract which includes a generous health guarantee.

Sire and Dam are MDR1 Clear (normal/normal) by pedigree and therefore so are the pups.

Sire and Dam are registered ESC and UKC.

Excellent pet ground transportation is available to any of the contiguous US states.

To learn more or to contact us:


NR Bengal Kittens Coming Soon!


These kittens will be Naturally Reared on raw food, no vaccinations, no chemical dewormers, flea, tick or parasite medications, they will not be exposed to noxious cleaning products, mothers will naturally wean and the kittens will be highly socialized and be exposed to an enriching environment!




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