Grounding barefoot earthing for dogs

Grounding or Earthing For Our Dogs

Dogs, like us, are bioelectrical beings .

This planet we live on,is an electrical planet, always vibrating with healthy frequencies and a slight negative surface charge that just happens to be required for a healthy immune system in plants and animals alike. The word “negative” in this context means an abundance of electrons that can move quickly and reduce charge. Emerging science has revealed how direct contact with the ground allows dogs (and, of course, humans and other animals) a life-giving energy infusion!

As you may already know or perhaps have read in many of my articles or books, the body and its countless systems all naturally function, first and foremost electrically. EVERYTHING vibrates with electrical frequiencies.
For example, the heart beats by virtue of electrical impulses, and nerve impulses make possible for voluntary and involuntary movements. The trillions of cells we and our animals are made up of vibrate to the beat of particular frequencies as they are forever transmitting and receiving bioelectrical energy in communication with the extra-cellular environment around them. Naturally occurring electric fields regulate the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of them, as well as regulating cell division and healing. We and our dogs are a bioelectrical beings!

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