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Don’t vaccinate…

Some of us actually abhor the very act of immunization. We are aware of the effects of injecting a virus into our dogs, thus putting a virus directly into the bloodstream that normally enters only through the mouth, respiratory system, etc., thus bypassing the entire primary immune response that occurs in the mucous membranes.  We refuse to  put cells of other animals into our dogs – because so called “modified live” virus vaccines are made from viruses grown in the cells of another species.

We have done the research and want to share it – studies that show that vaccinated dogs develop antibodies against THEIR OWN CELLS, while a control group of unvaccinated dogs does not. (Larry T. Glickman, DVM, “Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Vaccination,” Advances in Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 41, 2001)

We are aware of the fact that to inject our dogs with a virus that has been changed and modified -supposedly so it cannot cause symptoms, (symptoms are, after all, the way a body “discharges” or expels the disruptive forces/toxins of a dis-ease in the first place) has direct effects on the dog’s “vital force,” or life energy.

What does that life energy do with a virus that sets up housekeeping in its cells but causes no acute symptoms? It does what it must do, what it has been given no other choice  but to do: Those suppressed acute symptoms become chronic dis-ease. And by its nature, chronic dis-ease is deeper and more serious than acute disease (although yes, acute disease can kill as well).

So we stand behind the argument to be made, although not everyone out there will be willing or ready to hear it, and many will disagree violently with it – that immunizing your puppy against Parvo or Distemper or any other viruses, no matter how wisely and moderately and scientifically they may do it, isn’t such a good thing after all. 🙁

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