Natural Rearing – An Introduction

By Roberta Jamison

NR breeders and owners follow these very important protocols.

  • We feed a variety of species-appropriate raw, fresh unprocessed foods (for dogs this means raw, properly grown meat, organs and bones – based on the diet on which their wild ancestors evolved).
  • We ensure our dogs always have access to
    • fresh clean unadulterated water (non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated, no heavy metals or other toxins)
    • clean grass-covered ground, and are not raised on cement or gravel
    • plenty of fresh air, sunlight and exercise.

  • We ensure our dogs are not unnecessarily exposed to added toxins such as pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, chemicals, heavy metals, chemical hormone disruptors, etc. (There are enough environmental toxins that we are all exposed to on a daily basis. Those practicing NR try not to add to this as much as possible).
  • We use holistic health modalities such as Naturopathy (a broad based modality incorporating many natural therapies), Homeopathy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Acupuncture, Rife, etc. as treatments for illness, if necessary.

Those are the key points that we follow to ensure healthy, happy outcomes for our dogs.

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