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This is where you will find your special naturally reared puppy and/or get on a NR Breeders waiting list for the healthy puppy of your chosen breed.

Natural rearing includes species specific nutrition which is crucial to the proper development of your puppy.  Avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals helps insure a stronger immune system. Decisions made today will have positive (or negative) effects on your puppy as it grows.

Natural Rearing Dog Breeders do not breed to make money, they breed to improve the health and longevity of their chosen breed and normally do not breed unless and until they have people on their waiting lists wanting a puppy.

Look below to find current puppies available and/or planned litters from member breeders.


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Available Puppies


Carolina Dogs

Litter announcement!

7 puppies! 2 males, 5 females

Puppies are from NR parents, and will be weaned on to raw and raised in a toxic chemical free environmen.
Preference given to NR homes
Sire is a conformation champion, maternal grandsire is #1 Carolina Dog in Barn Hunt and Farm Dog Certified, maternal gr-grandmother is also titled in Barn Hunt.

For more information on sire and dam or applying for a puppy, please visit our website at: Nature’s Way Carolina Dogs


English Shepherds


Aoibh English Shep pup

Aoibh – Blk & White Female

English Shepherd pup

Maisie Blk & White Female











DOB: Feb, 20, 2018

Highland Glen’s English Shepherds are bred to the antique English Shepherd standard with an emphasis on health and temperament. ES are a rare heritage breed valued for generations as the original, all-around family farmdog. Our dogs are Naturally Reared, with four generations of our line on site.

These beautiful Black & White girls are first generation NR. Their sire is a conventionally reared competitive Agility dog; we chose him for his temperament and hardiness (NR studs are rare). The dogs on their dams side are NR and our working partners.

We use Bio-Sensor, Early Scent Introduction, Rules of 7, Adventure Box, sound habituation, earthing, very low EMF exposure, socialized with visitors, imprinted to goats/sheep/poultry, the activity and sounds of a working ranch in the pristine mountains of northeastern Washington State. Weaned onto prey model raw, zero vaccines, no de-wormers, f/t-cides or other chemicals anywhere on the land. Clear by parentage for MDR1, PRA-prcd, DM, and CEA.

Our puppies do well in a variety of situations: family, sporting, working, Service/Therapy, SAR, etc.

Sold by contract, with a generous health warranty for NR homes. Please contact us for a Puppy Application and more information.    Tom and Krystal Beers – Highland Glen Ranch




Available Adults


NR Border Terrier


Isla is a 3-year-old who will be 4 on April 11, 2018.  She talks to us when she’s excited. Its like she’s yodeling.  She’s also very vocal, always letting us know if a critter has stepped foot on our property, or when the neighbors come home, or, anyone for that matter who comes through our door, she tells us.

Isla loves human companionship over and above her canine pack, she loves; men, women, children and babies’ a like. She loves it when people come to visit us, of course she thinks all people come to visit her. She loves cuddling, being active, traveling, camping and going to dog shows. She’s obedient and food motivated, intelligent and willing to please. She has a high prey drive and sees everything that moves, no critters would survive in her yard if they happen to wonder into it. She has her Grand Championship in conformation.

Her problem is; she doesn’t like living with a pack of females. In the last 1.5 years she has become very aggressive with a couple of our females. She’s fine with male dogs. She has never lived with a cat so that would not be a home I would put her into; unless a family has experience with terriers and has integrated a pair (cat and terrier) successfully in the past.

She has traveled with several different breeds of dogs, large and small, males and females, she has never had a problem with them. She just doesn’t want to” live” with other females. She’d be happiest being the sole princess.

Both her dam and sire come from generations of raw fed and minimal vaccinated lines. Isla herself has been completely naturally reared, no vaccines at all. I am looking for a natural  rearing home for this beautiful little girl!

If you think Isla would be a great match for you, please contact Carole Baldwin at 204-475-1112 or e-mail at


Standard Poodle



Genteel Standard Poodles Presents For Your Consideration:

Two year old Standard Poodle bitch.  second generation NR

We prefer to place her in a Guardian Home but we may sell her to the “perfect home” *

Dove would do best in a performance home.  She is high energy but focused on me, has had basic obedience training and she craves “working” and having a “job”.   She is super affectionate and earned her nick name “Lovey Dovey” very early on. She loves to cuddle!  

Dove was raised with the Puppy Culture Program and has been living with other Standard Poodles, smaller dogs (Boston Terriers) and a parrot. 

We would perfer she goes to a home within a two hours driving distance from us in a guardian home.

*IF we sell her, Dove’s new owners must be experienced raw feeders that live in a toxic chemical free enviroment where Dove can have as much attention as she deserves and room to run and play and practice her performance skills.

Email us at

Planned Litters



Naturally Raised Havanese Puppies Expected 



Our puppies are weaned onto raw, no vaccines, no chemicals, and are Puppy Culture puppies.


*Puppies expected Fall of 2018
*Puppies will be AKC registered 
*Both parents were shown AKC and UKC and received UKC titles
*OFA heath tested
Estimated weight at maturity – 10-12lbs
Contact Patty Jica 
Facebook: So Cute Havanese