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This is where you will find your special naturally reared puppy and/or get on a NR Breeders waiting list for the healthy puppy of your chosen breed.

Natural rearing includes species specific nutrition which is crucial to the proper development of your puppy.  Avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals helps insure a stronger immune system. Decisions made today will have positive (or negative) effects on your puppy as it grows.

Natural Rearing Dog Breeders do not breed to make money, they breed to improve the health and longevity of their chosen breed and normally do not breed unless and until they have people on their waiting lists wanting a puppy.

Look below to find current puppies available and/or planned litters from member breeders.


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 Standard Poodles



8 puppies born December 6th, 2016.  5 males and three females.  Silvers and Whites


“Poodles With a Purpose –

building a foundation of excellence for health, beauty and brains – Naturally!”


Our goal is to produce well conformed, excellent tempered, naturally reared Standard Poodles free of genetic problems for the ultimate family companion that can do it all.

The foundation of our breeding program reaches to the very core of health for future generations through Natural Rearing, placing an emphasis on soundness in health and structure, with great temperaments.

Genteel Standard Poodle puppies are raised from birth to be enrichment seekers who enjoy challenges and are ready to take on all of life’s adventures. From early neurological stimulation to problem solving to basic training, Genteel puppies are given all the advantages needed for them to grow up to be trusting, fun partners. Our puppies are thinkers and you should be ready to continue giving them all the enrichment and stimulation they have come to expect from birth.They do well in a variety of environments: wonderful companions, hunting, canine sports, conformation shows, therapy and service. All Pups are matched with families based on the family’s lifestyle and needs and sold by contract.

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