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Breeding Truly Healthy Dogs & Cats - Naturally


The Natural Rearing Breeder’s Association

A Premier Organization

is comprised of like-minded breeders, natural animal health professionals and dog owners dedicated to the principles of rearing our dogs and cats as close to nature as possible. Only incorporating natural remedies and only as needed. We promote a healthy lifestyle to support the complete dog (mind, body and spirit) while promoting an awareness for our changing world.

Natural Rearing Dog Breeders

Purebred Dogs

Natural Rearing Dog Breeders Association’s Breeder Members

are natural rearing dog breeders who have been feeding their dogs raw for a minimum of three years and have eliminated the use of toxic chemicals in, on or around their dogs. Most have eliminated the use of vaccines except where required by law or have a very minimal protocol.  These dog breeders give of their time, life and soul to the improved health and betterment of their chosen breed 

Book: Natural Rearing

Natural Rearing:

Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended

by Dr. Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Learn how to breed and raise truly healthy dogs naturally!
Dr. Jeannie’s book “Natural Rearing: Breeding and Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended” is available now.

The long-awaited comprehensive book on natural rearing: breeding and raising dogs the way nature intended

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